To be very honest I was watching Monte Carlo a couple of days before I wore this and was inspired (for lack of a better word) by the polo scene. I’ve always loved the whole classic Ralph Lauren look, and decided to give it a go myself.

Photo 24-11-14 5 37 52 am Photo 23-11-14 11 20 10 am

Photo 30-11-14 5 25 03 pmI wore a skinny fit white polo tee from Ralph Lauren with ripped jeans and ankle boots. I think it would look perfect with knee high brown leather boots too, but there was no space in my suitcase! I stained my lips with MAC Diva and went from a high ponytail to a french braid. I really love french braids and it fits really well with the equestrian look (in my opinion at least:)). It’s definitely different from what I usually wear and I absolutely loved how refreshing it felt.

Photo 23-11-14 8 24 28 pm

And now moving away from clothes, I went across the bridge to Point Bonita that day and the views are spectacular. I sadly didn’t have time to wait for the tunnel to open and go all the way to the lighthouse, but what I got to see was more than enough. Hearing the waves crashing is one of the best sounds. If you’re in an active mood, there are some great hiking trails in the area too!

Photo 30-11-14 5 40 06 pm

(Sorry the photos are a bit grainy!)

Just a little almost-mid-week inspiration:)

The world is becoming increasingly fast-paced. It makes it exciting, there’s no doubt about that; but it all often becomes overwhelming. I know I’ve felt like that countless times. It’s exactly in this situation where I prioritize the things I … Continue reading

Weekend in St. Tropez

Sorry to disappoint! This isn’t some exotic beach getaway post (I’m in Singapore now actually); it’s about tea instead.

My absolute favourite place for tea is TWG (which kind of sucks since they don’t have it in Berlin). It may be mainstream (I think? I’m not really good with this whole mainstream vs. hipster stuff) but I love it.

Photo 12-12-14 4 28 08 pm

I always always go for the tea-time set that comes with a tea of your choice and either scones or pastries. Weekend in St. Tropez tea tops everything for me, though seeing as I’m no tea critic, I can’t really describe its taste. The scones (my favorite indulgence) are served with exquisite tea jelly which tastes a lot better than you can imgaine.

Photo 12-12-14 4 34 20 pmI usually go to the one at Ion Orchard since the location is convenient. Even though it’s at the heart of Orchard Road, once you’re inside (I prefer the second floor location), you feel like you could really be far far away from Singapore. I also really like the one at Marina Bay Sands, where you can eat on the bridge over the canal.

Just go for a nice long run after:) Or try one of Singapore’s nature trails.

Photo 9-12-14 4 15 42 pm


Photo 1-12-14 10 57 32 pm

Photo 1-12-14 10 52 16 pmThe first time I went to Grandview Park, there was almost no one else there; sitting at the top of the steps was one of the most peaceful times ever. As you can tell, I’m obsessed with any place by the ocean, or high up with a great view. And let me tell you, the view from here is spectacular. You get a 360˚ view of the city, and since it’s in a pretty quiet neighbourhood, it’s not jam-packed with people. Twin peaks is also really nice and makes for a great hike if you walk!

Photo 28-11-14 8 46 04 am Photo 26-11-14 2 01 50 am

It makes for a nice short trip, and I went back a second time to see the sunset from up there. Alternatively, bring a nice book, sit on the bench right at the top and read the afternoon away.

Photo 1-12-14 10 50 44 pmWalk a couple hundred meters and you’ll find yourself at the mosaic steps. They really are something special, inspired by the world-famous Rio de Janeiro tiled steps. Go there just to see the steps, or use the 163 of them as a way-too-beautiful stairmaster.


Photo 18-9-14 2 40 43 pm Photo 18-9-14 2 43 24 pm

Photo 18-9-14 2 43 46 pmI love grey and black together. It’s not quite monochromatic, but has the same sort of “cool” effect. So I know it’s autumn and pretty close to winter and this is more of a summer outfit, but it’s still good for vacation! Or wear it with sheer black tights, ankle boots and throw a parka on over it and you’re good to go! I love this skater skirt (though I have to be careful of wind) and it hits right at the perfect place to be paired with crop tops. I really like the way this top cuts in at the shoulders and it’s a great length too. Something about this outfit vaguely brings 1960’s mod fashion to mind for me, but I’m no expert so I could be totally mistaken on that.

Photo 18-9-14 2 40 48 pm (1)I did matte red lips (Revlon) which matched my bright red Essie toenails, though my favourite nail colour at the moment is a perfect-for-fall deep oxblood colour. I wore cagey black strappy sandals to tie the outfit together and wore little black and gold Van Cleef & Arpels stud earrings which are obviously very much covered by my hair. Don’t forget to moisturize! The one that works best for me is by Garnier Body with canadian maple leaf extract, but for scented ones I usually go for Victoria’s Secret body lotion topped off with their body mists:)

The best accessory? A smile, (and a laugh too):) I know I was laughing twirling around in the park:)

Photo 18-9-14 4 43 58 pmPhoto 18-9-14 2 43 43 pm


Photo 2-10-14 4 14 27 pmPhoto 2-11-14 10 31 25 pm

If you’d asked me what my favourite spot in SF was a couple of weeks ago, I’d probably have said the embarcadero. (Now I’d probably have to lean towards Grandview Park which I stumbled upon a couple of days ago.) But anyway, back to the main point. The embarcadero is pretty much perfect for me: it’s by the bay, it has gorgeous views, good restaurants and bars, and is near shopping.

Photo 2-10-14 3 28 54 pm

Photo 20-10-14 4 03 56 pmI ate at Coqueta the other day for dinner which serves delicious Spanish tapas and of course great paella:) And if you’re not a spanish food fan, there are tons of other options. The Ferry Building is right there of course, with a great Farmers’ Market on some days, and great food places inside including ice cream and healthy pretzels. The atmosphere there is great; strolling by the water and walking down the public promenades makes for a perfect relaxing day. You also have gorgeous views of the Bay Bridge from there. You can walk all the way down to Pier 39 and do the full tourist thing like I did, and even stop at Coit Tower along the way. It’s a pretty lengthy walk though so be prepared with some comfy walking shoes. If you’re in a workout mood, wear some running shoes and go for a jog (sunny + windy = perfect for running) and even stop by the Bay Club (my favorite workout place) along the way if you’re a member.

Photo 2-11-14 10 18 50 pmThe Embarcadero Centre is just a stone’s throw away, where you can do some light shopping or stop for more food; shopping would be my choice. There is however a great ice cream and cookies place called ‘Over the Moon’ and you can get delicious and healthy juices at Thrive Juicery at Embarcadero Centre 1 (also Pressed Juicery at the Ferry Building), which I love every once in a while, though I’m not a full-on juice cleanse person.

Photo 14-10-14 12 59 42 pm Photo 8-10-14 2 52 07 pm

Bring a light jacket because it can get chilly when the wind blows in from the bay in typical SF fashion. So grab some friends or take some alone time, and pop on down to the embarcadero.

Photo 20-10-14 3 55 30 pm Photo 2-11-14 10 23 52 pm

Till You Drop

Photo 24-9-14 1 18 16 pm Photo 24-9-14 10 06 50 pm

The best thing about following New York work hours here is that I end work pretty early which can only mean one thing: after work shopping. It doesn’t quite make up for having to get to the office at unearthly hours, but it comes close.

The office is located very conveniently (and dangerously) close to Union Square, which is basically shopping paradise for me. The atmosphere is great, there are often musicians playing in the square and people just enjoying a coffee at the many cafés. It’s the perfect place to unwind.

But of course, that isn’t why I go there. Union Square has some of my absolute favourite shops, including many that I don’t get in Berlin (and let me tell you, I am taking full advantage of that fact).


Photo 25-9-14 4 34 41 pmMacy’s, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus are all there, which of course means hours spent browsing there. There’s a Victoria’s Secret and VS Pink store both there as well for buying swimsuits, lingerie and perfume (and anything really). A short walk down the street is Steve Madden, one of my favourite shoe stores; I bought the best black suede over-the-knee boots there the other day. There’s also the more high-end stores like Prada, Mulberry (eyeing a bag from there;)), Chanel etc.. If you’re on a makeup hunt, there’s the usual Sephora and MAC and Benefit (from SF) and all the department store beauty sections. And apart from the mainstream stores, they have tons of more unique shops, especially on the side streets, where you can get really special pieces. Though if you want really unique, less mainstream stuff, I’d suggest hitting up other shopping areas in SF. Union square is just a very convenient, concentrated and well-known shopping area that I happen to like.

One of my favourite things about shopping here is how friendly the salespeople are. They’re always willing to help and even a little bit of small talk with them can brighten up your day.

Photo 24-9-14 5 29 24 pm Photo 24-9-14 6 10 32 pm

If all the shopping makes you a little bit peckish (and it probably will), grab a frozen yogurt at Pinkberry, or stop by any of the many cafés, for a little pick-me-up:)

If you’re ever in SF, make sure you stop by for some shopping (though you probably don’t need any encouragement:))

Photo 14-10-14 9 46 40 pm


Photo 26-9-14 6 41 12 pm Photo 26-9-14 6 14 36 pm

Crew neck sweater + boyfriend cut-offs = perfect, lazy, I just rolled out of bed looking this cool outfit. (I’m only half kidding here:)) Grey is one of my favourite fall colours. It’s very basic, but slightly more unexpected than black.

Photo 27-9-14 9 16 12 am

Photo 26-9-14 6 20 41 pmI just got these denim shorts from Ralph Lauren and I already love the distressed detailing. I was also really drawn to this pair by the patriotic (though I’m not even American) pockets peeking out of the bottom of the shorts. It adds a little special touch. These cut-offs have a very lived-in, worn-in look, which is the perfect way I like my denim. It hits at my waist, a bit higher than my usual shorts and (at least I think) gives the wearer a really nice shape. They’re my new favourite pair, though I say that about every new pair I get.

Photo 26-9-14 6 22 37 pmThe sweater is slightly slouchy, slightly cropped, but definitely way more than slightly cool. I’ve always had a love for sweaters, but I usually go for plain knit sweaters; this one (just from Forever 21 though I don’t usually shop here) is a little different. To be honest, I’m pretty sure the words/names of places are just random, but it gives the look one of those, ‘I’m young and free’ kind of vibes. I love the black on the grey, as well as the font of the words.

Photo 27-9-14 9 24 48 am Photo 26-9-14 6 23 01 pm

I’m unfortunately pretty short on shoes here due to certain luggage limits, but I think black knee-high gladiator sandals would suit this outfit perfectly. Add a little black shoulder bag with gold detailing for a cute way to stash your phone and lip gloss.

Photo 27-9-14 9 22 52 amPhoto 26-9-14 6 14 13 pmPhoto 26-9-14 6 23 56 pmPhoto 27-9-14 9 29 56 am


Photo 20-9-14 8 42 00 am

I’m not one of those super healthy girls who always watches her diet and knows the best and latest way to work out. And I definitely do not need a ‘bikini bridge’ or ‘thigh gap’. I do indulge in the hopefully occasional ice cream and burger; but overall I like to think that I’m pretty active. Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important things for me. I can really feel the difference when I stop working out or eat a bunch of burgers and pizza; it doesn’t feel good.

Photo 30-9-14 5 26 04 pm

Crissy Field

I’ll just tell you which workouts I do, though whether or not they’re any good is totally debatable. My main form of cardio is running. Nowadays I try and run three times a week, usually about 4-5km, though sometimes I do 11 instead. The best places for me to run are at Crissy Field (near the Golden Gate Bridge) and the Embarcadero in San Francisco; just around my house or at Tiergarten in Berlin; and in Botanic Gardens in Singapore. I use Map My Run to track my distance and speed. I also jump rope quite a bit (it’s more tiring than it seems!) which is a really great and quick workout. When I’m pressed for time I usually play a couple of songs on the radio and vary my speed according to the beat. Tennis is another favourite of mine.


Photo 21-3-14 7 22 31 am


For core exercises I especially like v-ups, and a friend just introduced me to the Nike training app which I think I’m going to love. It has tons of really good and varied workouts that I’m looking forward to trying.

Honestly what really gets me going is focussing on my goals and of course cute workout gear always helps! I usually go for brighter colours to motivate me. My shoes are all from Nike and I mostly wear sports bras from Victoria’s Secret Sport, Nike and Puma, but I have a couple from the Bershka sports line as well. I usually wear shorts to run. I found the perfect pair of yoga shorts from Jenni the other day, and I wear Nike sports shorts and Hollister lounge shorts to work out. When the temperatures drop, I like VS and VS Pink long yoga pants.


Photo 30-9-14 5 45 01 pm Photo 17-11-13 5 12 46 am

Photo 23-9-14 4 29 50 pm

So get out and move! Once you start, it’s easy:) Just remember to stretch properly before and after!

‘Just do it’

Photo 21-9-14 3 16 28 am‘These shoes were made for walking’ or well actually running in this case. Bottom line is, these are the perfect comfortable shoes for long distances, whether you’re on the slower or faster end of the spectrum. Personally they’re my favourite walking shoes (my running sneakers are neon pink) and though they’re sneakers, I wear them on an almost daily basis once early Autumn arrives (until it’s cold enough to break out the boots).


The black is easy to match with; I usually wear them with tight black leggings, which help to elongate my legs (cheating I know!). Their shape is pretty sleek, especially for sneakers, which makes them even more wearable out. They are also great for plane rides, I just wore them on the way here from Berlin. There’s a certain cool, street-style vibe about wearing casual black Nikes out (these are the Nike Free 5.0) and tons of off-duty models have been spotted wearing them out and about.

It may be a trend, or here to stay (the latter hopefully), but no matter what, with their comfort and style, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.