Weekend in St. Tropez

Sorry to disappoint! This isn’t some exotic beach getaway post (I’m in Singapore now actually); it’s about tea instead.

My absolute favourite place for tea is TWG (which kind of sucks since they don’t have it in Berlin). It may be mainstream (I think? I’m not really good with this whole mainstream vs. hipster stuff) but I love it.

Photo 12-12-14 4 28 08 pm

I always always go for the tea-time set that comes with a tea of your choice and either scones or pastries. Weekend in St. Tropez tea tops everything for me, though seeing as I’m no tea critic, I can’t really describe its taste. The scones (my favorite indulgence) are served with exquisite tea jelly which tastes a lot better than you can imgaine.

Photo 12-12-14 4 34 20 pmI usually go to the one at Ion Orchard since the location is convenient. Even though it’s at the heart of Orchard Road, once you’re inside (I prefer the second floor location), you feel like you could really be far far away from Singapore. I also really like the one at Marina Bay Sands, where you can eat on the bridge over the canal.

Just go for a nice long run after:) Or try one of Singapore’s nature trails.

Photo 9-12-14 4 15 42 pm


Photo 20-9-14 8 42 00 am

I’m not one of those super healthy girls who always watches her diet and knows the best and latest way to work out. And I definitely do not need a ‘bikini bridge’ or ‘thigh gap’. I do indulge in the hopefully occasional ice cream and burger; but overall I like to think that I’m pretty active. Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important things for me. I can really feel the difference when I stop working out or eat a bunch of burgers and pizza; it doesn’t feel good.

Photo 30-9-14 5 26 04 pm

Crissy Field

I’ll just tell you which workouts I do, though whether or not they’re any good is totally debatable. My main form of cardio is running. Nowadays I try and run three times a week, usually about 4-5km, though sometimes I do 11 instead. The best places for me to run are at Crissy Field (near the Golden Gate Bridge) and the Embarcadero in San Francisco; just around my house or at Tiergarten in Berlin; and in Botanic Gardens in Singapore. I use Map My Run to track my distance and speed. I also jump rope quite a bit (it’s more tiring than it seems!) which is a really great and quick workout. When I’m pressed for time I usually play a couple of songs on the radio and vary my speed according to the beat. Tennis is another favourite of mine.


Photo 21-3-14 7 22 31 am


For core exercises I especially like v-ups, and a friend just introduced me to the Nike training app which I think I’m going to love. It has tons of really good and varied workouts that I’m looking forward to trying.

Honestly what really gets me going is focussing on my goals and of course cute workout gear always helps! I usually go for brighter colours to motivate me. My shoes are all from Nike and I mostly wear sports bras from Victoria’s Secret Sport, Nike and Puma, but I have a couple from the Bershka sports line as well. I usually wear shorts to run. I found the perfect pair of yoga shorts from Jenni the other day, and I wear Nike sports shorts and Hollister lounge shorts to work out. When the temperatures drop, I like VS and VS Pink long yoga pants.


Photo 30-9-14 5 45 01 pm Photo 17-11-13 5 12 46 am

Photo 23-9-14 4 29 50 pm

So get out and move! Once you start, it’s easy:) Just remember to stretch properly before and after!


Photo 9-8-14 9 15 06 amPhoto 9-8-14 9 12 30 am


Truth be told, I’m not usually one for floral designs. In fact I pretty much steer clear of them completely; I’ve always been a bit afraid of verging on grandmother territory. But this dress is different. Its fit-and-flare cut is universally flattering and I love it. It’s very feminine and flirty and not too short either, so it’s good for a family barbeque or any other family event you have to go to. Just to warn you though, do not wear it on a super hot day; I wore it a while back to Sentosa Cove and it was sweltering.

Photo 5-9-14 11 08 32 amAs expected it’s from Victoria’s Secret (I love their dresses) and has boning and adjustable straps which is always useful. The material is slightly stiff which helps it keep its shape. I wore it with Armani leather flip flops and pink flower stud earrings to match the summery day look and left my hair down (honestly I just forgot my hair ties).Photo 9-8-14 9 10 29 am



Escape 3Escape 1

Singapore is, well, bustling to say the least. If you feel yourself needing just a day off from the commotion, Quayside Isle is the perfectEscape 4 escape. It’s located in Sentosa Cove, but feels like it’s a world away. Situated right by the water, strolling along the waterfront (on a hopefully sunny day) is a great stress-reliever. Watching the yachts in thedocks doesn’t hurt either.Restaurants of almost every cuisine dot the walkways (I opted for Japanese when I visited) so you’ll surely find something that suits your taste. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful; it’s the perfect place to day dream your day away.

Go on, take some time off:)

Escape 2Escape 5



Sky High

Sky High 1Sky High 3

Perfect for a party night, relaxing evening, date night, friendly get-together, the list goes on; 1-Altitude was by far one of my most favorite visits in Singapore.

The views attract everyone: young and old, locals and tourists; and for good reason. Situated on the 63rd storey, this highest al-fresco bar in the world overlooks downtown Singapore and has some of the most stunning views I have ever had the privilege to see.

Walking around the deck, one of the best views is of Marina Bay Sands, which stands next to the Singapore Flyer. You can just see the super trees at Gardens by the Bay peeking out from behind. The light show at MBS plays every hour as well, which is a must-see from this vantage point.

The atmosphere there is incomparable. The music (mostly remixes) is amazing, which of course means dancing is irresistible. Thankfully, this bar cum club has a dance floor by the bar counter, which fills up around midnight.

Sky HighThe scattered tables, lit from within, add some subtle light to the surrounding; you’ll find an assortment of drinks spread across them. One of my favorites was the lychee martini, but then again, I’m a lychee kind of girl, so I might be biased:)

Trust me when I say you have to pay 1-Altitude a visit; you’ll feel on top of the world.

(Sorry I mostly took photos of the view.)

Sky High 2