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Photo 18-9-14 2 43 46 pmI love grey and black together. It’s not quite monochromatic, but has the same sort of “cool” effect. So I know it’s autumn and pretty close to winter and this is more of a summer outfit, but it’s still good for vacation! Or wear it with sheer black tights, ankle boots and throw a parka on over it and you’re good to go! I love this skater skirt (though I have to be careful of wind) and it hits right at the perfect place to be paired with crop tops. I really like the way this top cuts in at the shoulders and it’s a great length too. Something about this outfit vaguely brings 1960’s mod fashion to mind for me, but I’m no expert so I could be totally mistaken on that.

Photo 18-9-14 2 40 48 pm (1)I did matte red lips (Revlon) which matched my bright red Essie toenails, though my favourite nail colour at the moment is a perfect-for-fall deep oxblood colour. I wore cagey black strappy sandals to tie the outfit together and wore little black and gold Van Cleef & Arpels stud earrings which are obviously very much covered by my hair. Don’t forget to moisturize! The one that works best for me is by Garnier Body with canadian maple leaf extract, but for scented ones I usually go for Victoria’s Secret body lotion topped off with their body mists:)

The best accessory? A smile, (and a laugh too):) I know I was laughing twirling around in the park:)

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I have to be honest, when I was in Hamburg I was really just in a wandering-around-aimlessly-looking-at-pretty-sights kind of mood, so I probably missed out some of the must-see places. But with that said, I’m plenty happy with what I got to see:)

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My favorite part of Hamburg was by far the area around Jungfernstieg. Walking by the river when the wind blew, you could feel the cooling water spray against your skin. I think I stood by the railings doing absolutely nothing but looking at the scene across the water for a good ten minutes. I was very content. Apart from just staring at the gorgeousness of the entire setting, there’s plenty to do around there. More than a few cafés (serving ice cream of course) line the waterfront and if you’re in more of a money-spending mood, there’s a ton of shops right down the road. They had quite a number of my favourites including Michael Kors, Abercrombie and Fitch (clichéd I know) and Zara Home. The Rathausmarkt is another lovely area and is barely a walk away as well.

Some distance away there is an absolutely exquisite park. It runs along the water (yes more water) and is perfect for a stroll and even better for a run. If you’re in a more sedentary mood, there are plenty of places to sit and soak up the sun as you watch the sail boats pass, or some swing sets to take you back to your childhood.

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I went down by the harbour to eat lunch and dinner. I ate at a pretty nice sushi place for dinner and at a lobster restaurant the day after for lunch. The bread at the lobster place was just amazing, especially coupled with the homemade garlic butter. Walking along the harbour was beautiful as well.

Then it was off to Bremen:)

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