To be very honest I was watching Monte Carlo a couple of days before I wore this and was inspired (for lack of a better word) by the polo scene. I’ve always loved the whole classic Ralph Lauren look, and decided to give it a go myself.

Photo 24-11-14 5 37 52 am Photo 23-11-14 11 20 10 am

Photo 30-11-14 5 25 03 pmI wore a skinny fit white polo tee from Ralph Lauren with ripped jeans and ankle boots. I think it would look perfect with knee high brown leather boots too, but there was no space in my suitcase! I stained my lips with MAC Diva and went from a high ponytail to a french braid. I really love french braids and it fits really well with the equestrian look (in my opinion at least:)). It’s definitely different from what I usually wear and I absolutely loved how refreshing it felt.

Photo 23-11-14 8 24 28 pm

And now moving away from clothes, I went across the bridge to Point Bonita that day and the views are spectacular. I sadly didn’t have time to wait for the tunnel to open and go all the way to the lighthouse, but what I got to see was more than enough. Hearing the waves crashing is one of the best sounds. If you’re in an active mood, there are some great hiking trails in the area too!

Photo 30-11-14 5 40 06 pm

(Sorry the photos are a bit grainy!)


Photo 13-9-14 5 40 49 pmPhoto 13-9-14 6 33 50 pmBlack is always, always in. On one of those inspiration-less days, an all-black outfit is an easy way to look chic. This colour combination is one you’ll always find on the streets of fashion capitals during fashion weeks around the world. I cheated a little and wore dark blue jeans but black leggings work perfectly too!


Photo 13-9-14 6 26 08 pmI paired my dark jeans (from Hollister since their lengths fit me best) with a casual loose black t-shirt (Stradivarius) and my favourite black leather jacket. I wanted to keep the edge and keep the lines sharp so I finished it off with black leather boots from Hugo Boss. Keep to the colour scheme with a black bag (my favourite is from Prada which I’ll feature in a later post) or spice things up with a bright bag (orange works well:))



Photo 13-9-14 5 19 49 pmI added matte red lips and a hair tie with a gold band (h&m) to edge up the look a little. I wore just a touch of blush and left my eyes completely bare but a jet-black cat-eye with a couple of coats of mascara would look stunning.Photo 13-9-14 8 19 19 pm





Denim Days

Photo 7-9-14 5 19 18 pm Photo 7-9-14 5 18 13 pmEveryone says you need theperfect pair of jeans. And that is totally, 100% true. But I think you also need the perfect denim dress. It’s a little bit girly and a little bit of a surprise (not just your usual cotton sun dress); and great for warm sunny days. The one I’m wearing is strapless with a tight bodice and flared skirt (one of my favourite cuts) and has some beading and sequins on the bodice. And it’s extremely comfortable.

Matching my toenails to the dress, I decked them out in blue polish. I also chose one of my favourite bangles from Marc Jacobs which is tiffany blue and gold, and rather thin (compared to the wide cuffs I usually go for) which gives it a simple and elegant vibe. For my earrings, I chose red studs for a little pop of a different colour. I left my hair down and natural to complete the overall laid-back and effortless feel of the look.Photo 7-9-14 5 19 38 pm






Photo 27-8-14 4 16 10 pmPhoto 27-8-14 4 16 53 pm


Maroon is pretty much the colour of the season for me at the moment. On top of that, I’m a sucker for flowy tanks, which makes this top kind of perfect. Criss-cross back, crochet detailing, and the perfect colour; I love this top from Subdued. Paired with light-wash jeans and chunky woven platforms, this is perfect for a lunch/brunch date. The shoes from Island Shop are deceptively comfortable (and look awesome), so don’t be fooled by their height. I picked light wash jeans since they always put me in a sunny mood (better take advantage of the last weeks of summer) but really any wash works. I left my hair down, but bun it up high or do a messy side fishtail braid to leave the criss-cross back exposed.

This top can also be effortlessly carried over to night with tight black pants and black sparkly pumps. Or wear it with shorts to the lake with friends. It’s kind of a miracle top that matches with anything for any occasion.

Have a great day:)

IMG_8703 IMG_8726


Unexpected 4So everyone who knows me knows that I’m not a t-shirt and jeans girl. I’m just not. Do I think it can look good? Definitely; some of the most fashionable people in the industry pull it off effortlessly day after day – it has a very model-off-duty vibe to it. But it’s just not my style.

    Unexpected 3 Unexpected 2 Unexpected 1So this outfit probably comes as a surprise to some. It’s a simple white graphic tee with jeans; ripped jeans no less. And can I just say that the jeans are amazing. From Abercrombie and Fitch, they really hug you in all the right places. The t-shirt is Billabong, from the boys section; taking the phrase “borrowed from the boys” a little too literally if you ask me. But hey, I was coerced into (to put it nicely) buying it at Wavehouse Sentosa before I could go on the FlowBarrel, so I figured I might as well put it to good use.

I still needed some ‘me’ in the outfit, so I chose olive green military inspired suede wedges, a bright orange Tory Burch handbag, a thin blue and gold Marc Jacobs bangle and a swipe of dark pink lip gloss. Just the right amount of femininity to counter the guyishness of the rest of the outfit and make it look thought-out instead of carelessly thrown on. It was refreshing switching up my style like that.

Try it sometime;)