Winter Wonderland

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately! I’ll be back regularly in the New Year:) I just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays and a happy New Year!!

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Every time Christmas comes around, I love getting in the spirit by doing a festive manicure. Despite jet lag, this year was no Photo 29-12-14 10 47 12 amexception. I painted a dark red base (regent street by Nails Inc) for my left hand and dark green for my right. Urban Decay really has the best glitter coats, so I did two nails with glitter on top (breaking my no gold and silver together rule, but it’s Christmas so who cares:)) I did candy cane silver stripes on my pinky nail with a toothpick, dotting the lines and joining them together. On my thumb nail I drew some silver stars, also with a toothpick and finally I drew a little snowman on my last nail, which was my personal favourite. I drew on a little carrot nose using OPI’s ‘where did Suzi’s man-go’ and again with a toothpick dotted on some snow above.

Photo 29-12-14 10 12 24 amIt’s freezing outside (unless you’re somewhere by the equator, like I was a week ago) so bundle up and keep warm:) I’ll be back for a proper winter post soon!


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I have to be honest, when I was in Hamburg I was really just in a wandering-around-aimlessly-looking-at-pretty-sights kind of mood, so I probably missed out some of the must-see places. But with that said, I’m plenty happy with what I got to see:)

Photo 24-9-14 11 22 49 pm

My favorite part of Hamburg was by far the area around Jungfernstieg. Walking by the river when the wind blew, you could feel the cooling water spray against your skin. I think I stood by the railings doing absolutely nothing but looking at the scene across the water for a good ten minutes. I was very content. Apart from just staring at the gorgeousness of the entire setting, there’s plenty to do around there. More than a few cafés (serving ice cream of course) line the waterfront and if you’re in more of a money-spending mood, there’s a ton of shops right down the road. They had quite a number of my favourites including Michael Kors, Abercrombie and Fitch (clichéd I know) and Zara Home. The Rathausmarkt is another lovely area and is barely a walk away as well.

Some distance away there is an absolutely exquisite park. It runs along the water (yes more water) and is perfect for a stroll and even better for a run. If you’re in a more sedentary mood, there are plenty of places to sit and soak up the sun as you watch the sail boats pass, or some swing sets to take you back to your childhood.

Photo 21-9-14 4 20 55 pmPhoto 4-9-14 10 36 54 am

I went down by the harbour to eat lunch and dinner. I ate at a pretty nice sushi place for dinner and at a lobster restaurant the day after for lunch. The bread at the lobster place was just amazing, especially coupled with the homemade garlic butter. Walking along the harbour was beautiful as well.

Then it was off to Bremen:)


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Nikolaiviertel is one of my favorite corners of Berlin, especially when I’m in the mood for cute cafés (which is always:)). It has a much more peaceful atmosphere than most of the rest of the city. It’s not the largest of areas though, so just a couple of hours should suffice to cover it. Bonne Vie Berlin is a quaint café there that is perfect for tea or a light lunch. It has pretty much the best hot chocolate ever (with delicious whipped cream) that comes with a quiche. And it’s not just any old quiche either; it’s quiche with brie cheese and apple slices, which tastes pretty darn good. If you choose to eat inside, it has a very cozy, antique-y feel, which makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a different time.

Photo 30-8-14 3 17 49 pm

Wandering around the area, there are quite a few shops and also a lot more places to eat. There are traditional Biergartens and also Japanese sushi places. There’s also an old church there though I didn’t have time to go in. Strolling around further takes you to the river where you can see down to the Berliner Dom, which is beautiful. It’s a great way to step out of city life for a while, and definitely worth a visit:)

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Maroon is pretty much the colour of the season for me at the moment. On top of that, I’m a sucker for flowy tanks, which makes this top kind of perfect. Criss-cross back, crochet detailing, and the perfect colour; I love this top from Subdued. Paired with light-wash jeans and chunky woven platforms, this is perfect for a lunch/brunch date. The shoes from Island Shop are deceptively comfortable (and look awesome), so don’t be fooled by their height. I picked light wash jeans since they always put me in a sunny mood (better take advantage of the last weeks of summer) but really any wash works. I left my hair down, but bun it up high or do a messy side fishtail braid to leave the criss-cross back exposed.

This top can also be effortlessly carried over to night with tight black pants and black sparkly pumps. Or wear it with shorts to the lake with friends. It’s kind of a miracle top that matches with anything for any occasion.

Have a great day:)

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Some Days

Some Days 3Some days you’re just too comfy (or lazy) to want to leave the house. For me, today was one of those. Spending the day curled up on the sofa in the garden, a book as my only companion, was exactly what I needed. It’s a good way to savour the last days of Summer too.


Some Days 4

  My current book of choice is ‘Kafka on the Shore’ by Haruki Murakami. Also on my reading list is ‘Finance the basics’ by Erik Banks (an attempt to prep myself for my hopefully future career) and ironically also ‘Why I left Goldman Sachs’ by Greg Smith (given to me recently by a friend). ‘The Portrait of a Lady’ by Henry James is up next for me, though I doubt it’ll replace ‘Wuthering Heights’ as my favorite classic. And for some really light reading, ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by Stephanie Perkins makes for some good chick lit.

I’m just sharing the books I’m currently reading – I by no means think that I’m qualified to be giving book recommendations; just because I love reading doesn’t mean I’m an expert. I have a long way to go until I’m as widely-read as I wish I were. For the time being, I’m just thankful I finally have the time to read again after IB.

So pick up a book, or a pen or a paintbrush, or anything other than your cell phone really, and do something you usually don’t have time for:)

Some Days 5Some Days 2

(Just in case someone’s interested: I’m actually also reading ‘Further Pure Mathematics’ by Brian and Mark Gaulter at the moment, but I doubt most of you would consider that light reading.)

Some Days 1