‘Just do it’

Photo 21-9-14 3 16 28 am‘These shoes were made for walking’ or well actually running in this case. Bottom line is, these are the perfect comfortable shoes for long distances, whether you’re on the slower or faster end of the spectrum. Personally they’re my favourite walking shoes (my running sneakers are neon pink) and though they’re sneakers, I wear them on an almost daily basis once early Autumn arrives (until it’s cold enough to break out the boots).


The black is easy to match with; I usually wear them with tight black leggings, which help to elongate my legs (cheating I know!). Their shape is pretty sleek, especially for sneakers, which makes them even more wearable out. They are also great for plane rides, I just wore them on the way here from Berlin. There’s a certain cool, street-style vibe about wearing casual black Nikes out (these are the Nike Free 5.0) and tons of off-duty models have been spotted wearing them out and about.

It may be a trend, or here to stay (the latter hopefully), but no matter what, with their comfort and style, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.



Photo 21-9-14 4 22 30 pm Photo 4-9-14 1 34 26 pm

I have to be honest, when I was in Hamburg I was really just in a wandering-around-aimlessly-looking-at-pretty-sights kind of mood, so I probably missed out some of the must-see places. But with that said, I’m plenty happy with what I got to see:)

Photo 24-9-14 11 22 49 pm

My favorite part of Hamburg was by far the area around Jungfernstieg. Walking by the river when the wind blew, you could feel the cooling water spray against your skin. I think I stood by the railings doing absolutely nothing but looking at the scene across the water for a good ten minutes. I was very content. Apart from just staring at the gorgeousness of the entire setting, there’s plenty to do around there. More than a few cafés (serving ice cream of course) line the waterfront and if you’re in more of a money-spending mood, there’s a ton of shops right down the road. They had quite a number of my favourites including Michael Kors, Abercrombie and Fitch (clichéd I know) and Zara Home. The Rathausmarkt is another lovely area and is barely a walk away as well.

Some distance away there is an absolutely exquisite park. It runs along the water (yes more water) and is perfect for a stroll and even better for a run. If you’re in a more sedentary mood, there are plenty of places to sit and soak up the sun as you watch the sail boats pass, or some swing sets to take you back to your childhood.

Photo 21-9-14 4 20 55 pmPhoto 4-9-14 10 36 54 am

I went down by the harbour to eat lunch and dinner. I ate at a pretty nice sushi place for dinner and at a lobster restaurant the day after for lunch. The bread at the lobster place was just amazing, especially coupled with the homemade garlic butter. Walking along the harbour was beautiful as well.

Then it was off to Bremen:)

Denim Days

Photo 7-9-14 5 19 18 pm Photo 7-9-14 5 18 13 pmEveryone says you need theperfect pair of jeans. And that is totally, 100% true. But I think you also need the perfect denim dress. It’s a little bit girly and a little bit of a surprise (not just your usual cotton sun dress); and great for warm sunny days. The one I’m wearing is strapless with a tight bodice and flared skirt (one of my favourite cuts) and has some beading and sequins on the bodice. And it’s extremely comfortable.

Matching my toenails to the dress, I decked them out in blue polish. I also chose one of my favourite bangles from Marc Jacobs which is tiffany blue and gold, and rather thin (compared to the wide cuffs I usually go for) which gives it a simple and elegant vibe. For my earrings, I chose red studs for a little pop of a different colour. I left my hair down and natural to complete the overall laid-back and effortless feel of the look.Photo 7-9-14 5 19 38 pm





Photo 13-8-14 12 13 09 pmI really do tend towards dark and, if possible, monochromatic outfits. I’m also into the simplicity and effortlessness of plain t-shirts. However, sunny weather is shorts weather and I can never quite feel comfortable in just a plain t-shirt and pair of shorts. That’s where this new embellished pair from the Kate Moss for Topshop line come into play. I absolutely love them. They’re decorated enough that they don’t feel like just another boring pair of shorts. They have a lace-up tie front, beads all around the bottom and hit at just the perfect place — t-shirts fall right to the top of them.

I opted for a black t-shirt so that my gold Juicy Couture pavé heart necklace would stand out more, and sandals with ankle ties from Raoul, just to add a little something more. Don’t forget a slick of lip gloss:)

So add a little sparkle to your outfit (or life) 🙂

Photo 13-8-14 12 21 59 pmPhoto 13-8-14 12 08 04 pmPhoto 13-8-14 11 59 07 am


Photo 10-6-14 10 00 21 pm

There are sunglasses, and there are sunglasses. But honestly, I can’t really go around in those crazy, wacky, giant, maybe octagonal sunglasses like some people do. It’s so not me. But I still wanted something a bit more out-there than my usual large black frame sunglasses.

Photo 17-7-14 10 49 44 amGold rimmed, with a classic aviator shape, this pair (aviator flash lenses in blue flash) takes it a step up with the blue lenses. It’s the perfect way to add a little something to your outfit and set yourself apart from the crowd. These Ray-Bans make even the most causal outfit more special and adds a certain effortlessly-cool vibe.

Photo 26-6-14 2 10 45 pmWant an added bonus?:) With their reflective lenses it’s the perfect pair to people watch in without them ever knowing (in a totally non-creepy way of course:))



Photo 9-8-14 9 15 06 amPhoto 9-8-14 9 12 30 am


Truth be told, I’m not usually one for floral designs. In fact I pretty much steer clear of them completely; I’ve always been a bit afraid of verging on grandmother territory. But this dress is different. Its fit-and-flare cut is universally flattering and I love it. It’s very feminine and flirty and not too short either, so it’s good for a family barbeque or any other family event you have to go to. Just to warn you though, do not wear it on a super hot day; I wore it a while back to Sentosa Cove and it was sweltering.

Photo 5-9-14 11 08 32 amAs expected it’s from Victoria’s Secret (I love their dresses) and has boning and adjustable straps which is always useful. The material is slightly stiff which helps it keep its shape. I wore it with Armani leather flip flops and pink flower stud earrings to match the summery day look and left my hair down (honestly I just forgot my hair ties).Photo 9-8-14 9 10 29 am



Photo 30-8-14 1 47 00 pmPhoto 30-8-14 1 49 14 pm

Photo 30-8-14 3 22 11 pm

Nikolaiviertel is one of my favorite corners of Berlin, especially when I’m in the mood for cute cafés (which is always:)). It has a much more peaceful atmosphere than most of the rest of the city. It’s not the largest of areas though, so just a couple of hours should suffice to cover it. Bonne Vie Berlin is a quaint café there that is perfect for tea or a light lunch. It has pretty much the best hot chocolate ever (with delicious whipped cream) that comes with a quiche. And it’s not just any old quiche either; it’s quiche with brie cheese and apple slices, which tastes pretty darn good. If you choose to eat inside, it has a very cozy, antique-y feel, which makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a different time.

Photo 30-8-14 3 17 49 pm

Wandering around the area, there are quite a few shops and also a lot more places to eat. There are traditional Biergartens and also Japanese sushi places. There’s also an old church there though I didn’t have time to go in. Strolling around further takes you to the river where you can see down to the Berliner Dom, which is beautiful. It’s a great way to step out of city life for a while, and definitely worth a visit:)

Photo 30-8-14 3 23 53 pmPhoto 30-8-14 2 23 54 pmPhoto 30-8-14 2 33 14 pm