So I lied – these aren’t essentials at all, more like little luxuries to make a day better. Firstly the September issue of Teen Vogue: perfect for getting yourself excited for the upcoming fall fashion. The Economist makes a good … Continue reading



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No, this isn’t about birds or angels, or whatever other winged creatures there are out there. It’s about eyeliner (sorry for the let-down if you were expecting an animal post, though there was a bat in my bedroom the other day!!).

I’m talking about classic winged eyeliner. So, you probably don’t need me telling you about it, I mean I even referred to it as ‘classic’, but I thought I’d dedicate a post to it since it’s one of my favourite ways to do my eyes.IMG_6111IMG_6122



It’s simple, it’s sharp; and topped off with the little flick on the end, it manages to draw attention to your eyes and elongate their shape. My favourite liner is the Maybelline Hypersharp liner in ‘blackest black’. It’s like a liquid pencil that glides on really easily and has a ultra fine tip for the most precise finish.

Just wing it:) (Sorry I’m well aware of how cheesy that sounds.)

City in Joy

Dresden is the one city that I’m always always happy in. Why exactly, I’m not 100% sure, but it’s definitely something to do with the gorgeous setting. People derive happiness from a variety of things – from helping others, from … Continue reading


Unexpected 4So everyone who knows me knows that I’m not a t-shirt and jeans girl. I’m just not. Do I think it can look good? Definitely; some of the most fashionable people in the industry pull it off effortlessly day after day – it has a very model-off-duty vibe to it. But it’s just not my style.

    Unexpected 3 Unexpected 2 Unexpected 1So this outfit probably comes as a surprise to some. It’s a simple white graphic tee with jeans; ripped jeans no less. And can I just say that the jeans are amazing. From Abercrombie and Fitch, they really hug you in all the right places. The t-shirt is Billabong, from the boys section; taking the phrase “borrowed from the boys” a little too literally if you ask me. But hey, I was coerced into (to put it nicely) buying it at Wavehouse Sentosa before I could go on the FlowBarrel, so I figured I might as well put it to good use.

I still needed some ‘me’ in the outfit, so I chose olive green military inspired suede wedges, a bright orange Tory Burch handbag, a thin blue and gold Marc Jacobs bangle and a swipe of dark pink lip gloss. Just the right amount of femininity to counter the guyishness of the rest of the outfit and make it look thought-out instead of carelessly thrown on. It was refreshing switching up my style like that.

Try it sometime;)

Some Days

Some Days 3Some days you’re just too comfy (or lazy) to want to leave the house. For me, today was one of those. Spending the day curled up on the sofa in the garden, a book as my only companion, was exactly what I needed. It’s a good way to savour the last days of Summer too.


Some Days 4

  My current book of choice is ‘Kafka on the Shore’ by Haruki Murakami. Also on my reading list is ‘Finance the basics’ by Erik Banks (an attempt to prep myself for my hopefully future career) and ironically also ‘Why I left Goldman Sachs’ by Greg Smith (given to me recently by a friend). ‘The Portrait of a Lady’ by Henry James is up next for me, though I doubt it’ll replace ‘Wuthering Heights’ as my favorite classic. And for some really light reading, ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by Stephanie Perkins makes for some good chick lit.

I’m just sharing the books I’m currently reading – I by no means think that I’m qualified to be giving book recommendations; just because I love reading doesn’t mean I’m an expert. I have a long way to go until I’m as widely-read as I wish I were. For the time being, I’m just thankful I finally have the time to read again after IB.

So pick up a book, or a pen or a paintbrush, or anything other than your cell phone really, and do something you usually don’t have time for:)

Some Days 5Some Days 2

(Just in case someone’s interested: I’m actually also reading ‘Further Pure Mathematics’ by Brian and Mark Gaulter at the moment, but I doubt most of you would consider that light reading.)

Some Days 1


Escape 3Escape 1

Singapore is, well, bustling to say the least. If you feel yourself needing just a day off from the commotion, Quayside Isle is the perfectEscape 4 escape. It’s located in Sentosa Cove, but feels like it’s a world away. Situated right by the water, strolling along the waterfront (on a hopefully sunny day) is a great stress-reliever. Watching the yachts in thedocks doesn’t hurt either.Restaurants of almost every cuisine dot the walkways (I opted for Japanese when I visited) so you’ll surely find something that suits your taste. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful; it’s the perfect place to day dream your day away.

Go on, take some time off:)

Escape 2Escape 5



Jungle Vibes

Photo 15-8-14 8 39 16 pmPhoto 16-8-14 12 42 12 am


I think we’ve all wanted to be like Jane, swinging on vines through the jungle; a Tarzan by our side if we’re lucky. Well, the closest I’m going to get is this dress; and that’s still quite a stretch of my imagination.IMG_8459

I bought this dress a few years ago, but I keep coming back to it. I love its jungly leaf print that somehow manages to be both attention-catching and subtle at the same time, if that makes any sense. Strapless, with its high-low hemline and sheer skirt (black slip attached under), this is the perfect day-to-night dress. Keep it simple for daytime with flat sandals and minimal accessories. For the night, pair it with strappy gold heels and a chunky arm cuff. I think above the elbow works especially well with this dress. Top it off with a small ring stack or stud earrings if you want.

Makeup-wise, bronze goes best. I usually line my eyes with a combination of soft brown and coppery-gold crayon liners and slick on some rose-hued or bronzy lip gloss. Slightly undone hair finishes the look.

Optional last step? Pretend you’re hiking through the Amazon:)





Sky High

Sky High 1Sky High 3

Perfect for a party night, relaxing evening, date night, friendly get-together, the list goes on; 1-Altitude was by far one of my most favorite visits in Singapore.

The views attract everyone: young and old, locals and tourists; and for good reason. Situated on the 63rd storey, this highest al-fresco bar in the world overlooks downtown Singapore and has some of the most stunning views I have ever had the privilege to see.

Walking around the deck, one of the best views is of Marina Bay Sands, which stands next to the Singapore Flyer. You can just see the super trees at Gardens by the Bay peeking out from behind. The light show at MBS plays every hour as well, which is a must-see from this vantage point.

The atmosphere there is incomparable. The music (mostly remixes) is amazing, which of course means dancing is irresistible. Thankfully, this bar cum club has a dance floor by the bar counter, which fills up around midnight.

Sky HighThe scattered tables, lit from within, add some subtle light to the surrounding; you’ll find an assortment of drinks spread across them. One of my favorites was the lychee martini, but then again, I’m a lychee kind of girl, so I might be biased:)

Trust me when I say you have to pay 1-Altitude a visit; you’ll feel on top of the world.

(Sorry I mostly took photos of the view.)

Sky High 2

Top Knot, Red Lips

We all have thoTop knot, red lips 3se ‘can’tbe bothered to do my makeup’ days. But, of course we still want to look put-together (drop-dead gorgeous would be nice too).

Top knot, red lips 4

Ed Sheeran once said ‘white lips, pale face’, well I prefer red lips for a splash of colour.

There’s nothing quite like a red lip to make any look look classy and thought-out. Matte red often has added impact. My preferred one is Revlon cloudburst matte balm in Standout. It isn’t sticky, stays put for hours and doesn’t dry out my lips. Did I mention that it’s shaped like a crayon for effortless and precise application?

A red lip, coupled with a high bun instantly pulls any look together. I prefer a relatively neat top knot, but a messy bun works just fine too;) Curl your eyelashes for an easy finishing touch.

It only takes a minute, promise:)

Top knot, red lips 2Top knot, red lips 1Top knot, red lips 5